About me

My name is Sebastian, I’m 52 years old.
Since childhood I have enjoyed being outdoors. And after school I actually wanted to go around the world for a year. Unfortunately, it didn’t work at the time.

Now, the corona crisis has changed a lot for me, so I now have the opportunity to make up for it. I still feel fit and can now take my wide-ranging experience with me on trips. Let’s go! Dissolve the apartment, say goodbye to family and friends and go with nothing but the portable luggage in your hands. Leaving the security of German society and work so important to people behind and without chains.

Some friends shake their heads, but most congratulate me. Think about it again if you don’t want to join it. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not afraid of it. There is always uncertainty on such a trip. Not everything can always run smoothly. Won’t it bet either? You will read it here in the blog! I am well equipped for extended outdoor tours and also for urban travel. So, nothing can go wrong (almost) 😉

But it’s not just about leisure activities. This Work and Travel blog is also about work.

Must e.g. the complete tools with? Of course not. Most providers usually have their tools. But also the more special tools? Let’s say an electrical device has a defect. I don’t think I will find a small multimeter there so I can isolate the defect. In any case, you cannot count on it. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, is fairly light, and is simply worth its weight in gold every now and then. Arrive? Where? It is not on a slip of paper yet.

The route starts in Swedish Lapland on the Arctic Circle. For 3-4 weeks with Christine & Michael on his sled dog farm (nordic-niehku.com). Working with the dogs, painting the house, repairing a wide variety of things – let’s see what there is to do – and lots of free time to explore the area, meet people, and experience pure nature in the adjacent national park. And if it goes well and I’m in the right place at the right moment, I hope to see a moose, bear or the wolf, which is rather rare in this area.

Then it will go towards Norway when the borders are already open. Denmark, Iceland or even further across the Arctic Circle … Let’s see 😀

What comes next will show me the way and the future. And when the year is over? Then I decide whether I will hang out for a few more years or if I like a place, I will stay.

Why Swaggie (Swagman)? This is an old term for a traveling migrant worker in Australia and New Zealand around the 1800s. It fits!

I will list what equipment is important for this special type of travel so that you have a clue as to what all the equipment has to do with, and what is needed less. As is so often the case with touring, less is usually more.