Kind regards to the wild, my dear! Have fun and take care of yourself. Your reports are great! So you can participate a bit, almost like being there. . . Have a big hug. : - * (please do not publish my email or anything, text is ok 😉

Details: Sent by - **** - **** - 100.00 EUR

Many thanks to the donor! This will be of great help to me on my trip! Many thanks! 😀

I try to avoid wages as much as possible. It’s also a kind of sharing. I share competent work and usually only ask for board and lodging.

What is the money used for? Unfortunately there are always longer distances to go or something has to be replaced. A hairdresser every now and then would not be bad either. You always need something a little change in your pocket. That is why I rely on this way of saying “thank you” and I am happy when my work is rewarded.

I would like to list these donations by amount and first name. If someone wants to remain anonymous – this is respected – 100%! Just tell me – no problem! Below the contributions to the social buttons is a small PayPal button, or the yellow button on almost all pages on the right. But other donors are also welcome who would like to support this blog or my way of traveling and working. This is also possible with small amounts.

Unfortunately, at the moment this is only possible via PayPal, but I can also provide other options on inquiries.

I would like to say a big thank you to all who want to donate or have already given something!

Your Sebastian