Travel by bike, on foot or by train / bus

Swaggie - Hohenwarte

I like to travel and not with the mainstream. As a backpacker or on a bike, I’ve already done longer tours. And in front of me … I always try to move away from crowds. In earlier years I traveled to France, Italy or the so-called Yugoslavia. I spent most of my vacation time in France in the north. I then visited Italy and today’s Croatia on the Mediterranean.

I am looking forward to gathering a lot of impressions and getting to know nice people on this hopefully longer journey. I am committed to keeping as much of it as possible on these pages. For me, friends and family, like-minded people or simply readers. Since I am usually on foot or by bike, this trip will have to be completely different. But I have to take the first route with the plane. These ridiculous 2000 km can also be mastered by train, if a ferry had gone there I would have chosen that.

Time only plays a small role here. Then I try to do the upcoming stages with carpooling, bus and train or even ship. In times of global warming, as far as possible, I will avoid flights, especially short distances in Europe

I will look for places and people for work & travel on social networks. First in Europe, later gladly beyond. There are so many interesting offers in which money has to be collected to cover your own belongings and travel expenses, health insurance is very important, but also people and animals in need who can be helped would be something for me. Get in touch via the contact form or Facebook for inquiries. Otherwise: Always only look at the next stage. I’m glad. I don’t want to rush anymore. Deceleration and reducing to the essentials is the way.

Finally, one thing has to be addressed: Fishing is a very large part of my free time during my travels. As a passionate angler, there must always be a fishing rod in my pocket. A couple of very nice catches were almost always there. I eat fish, meat and also like vegan / vegetarian.

As the son of a hunter and angler, I can finally kill animals that I want to take as food. This does not contradict animal and nature ties and respect for life … If I want to eat meat, I have to sacrifice life. I treat life and death with the necessary care and respect. Killing is not for fun, only what needs to be eaten to ensure my energy supply outdoors. Mankind would never have developed as far as it is today through plant food. We’d probably still be walking around in the woods with underdeveloped brains. For my part, I am at peace with myself and my way of seeing these things. Live and let live. I don’t judge other ways of life either.

Just write to me! If you have any tips – whether equipment, travel destination or work & travel. Share it with me here or via social media Facebook & Co.

If you have any questions about work and travel, about my trips or equipment, I will answer them.