House & Yard

As a trained painter, this is clear, of course. When it comes to new paints, I can always help. But I also like woodwork, electrical, water, landscaping and maintenance.

Cooking & Gastro

Not only in my 30’s, even recently I helped out as a co-cook and kitchen assistant. I can also bring in experiences at the counter in the bar.

I love cooking and rustic food. Also meat and fish… 😉

Guiding & Fish

As a passionate angler with decades of experience, I travel a lot – primarily on fresh water. I was involved in youth work in our local fishing association and can show and guide nealry everything. I will lead you to your dream fish.

Mechanics & Bike

I have worked in the bicycle workshop for years and after that I am in the professional wheelchair supply in workshop and service. Also other things need petting units. I repair – if possible.

IT & Webdesign

Computer defect? The website should be brought back to life and updated? Photo editing, DTP, flyers, posters, Word, some Exel, Outlook, Typo3, WordPress, Joomla. CMS Okay!

Animals & Nature

I had dogs and cats. But Also on the farm I can help with some things. A
s an outdoor obsessive, I lead people to pure nature. Passion in green.